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Our UIDDA subpoena domestication specialists have decades of experience serving subpoenas on defendants in different states. 

We are well-versed in every U.S. state’s rules and regulations regarding the domestication and service of foreign subpoenas.

Many states share the same protocols in compliance with the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act (or UIDDA).

Services We Provide

Fast, Reliable, Affordable Legal Support Services Available Nationwide.

Domestication of Foreign

We have three decades of experience as nationwide process servers specializing in the domestication of foreign subpoenas according to the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act (UIDDA) or non-UIDDA state regulations.

Deposition Officer

We provide experienced deposition officers to streamline the legal process for individuals, attorneys, law firms, government agencies, and businesses nationwide. Contact us for immediate assistance preparing subpoenas for service in another state.

Onsite / Offsite Duplication of All Types of Documents

Domestication of Foreign Subpoena offers to visit courthouse locations in person to create or request copies of any forms you may need (if required). We offer total support during the discovery stage to keep your cases moving smoothly with no time wasted.


Contact us and we will assist you immediately in notarizing a document or signature to support your case or other notarial act from authentication to exemplification or a Notary Journal Search.

Subpoena and General
Process Service

Domestication of Foreign Subpoena maintains an international network of experienced process service processionals. We can make the first attempt at serving your defendant’s address tomorrow in several nations.

Individual and Business
Locate Searches

If you are uncertain what the best address to serve legal papers on an individual or business defendant, contact us to conduct a locate search immediately. We can quickly find and serve even the most elusive individuals in anywhere nationwide.

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Foreign Subpoena Domestication for All 50 States:
UIDDA and Non-UIDDA Foreign Subpoena Domestication

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